Groupsize and information​

Group size?

​Each room holds teams of 2-8 people. We can have up to 24 people at the same time in rue Saint Esprit – for more people, contact us.

How long does it take?

​For private groups the whole experience including instructions is 90 minutes. For corporate groups it takes maximum 2 hours including instructions and approx. 75 min. game time.


​Outperform has riddles and codes carefully designed with difficulty level targeted for adults. If you are under the age of 16 years you should be accompanied with an adult in order to get out – please call us for further information.

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International Sales Consult S.A.

19, rue de Saint Esprit
L-1475 Luxembourg


International Sales Consult S.A.

​19 rue du Saint Esprit, 1475 Luxembourg

Telephone: +352 – 691 835 373

Opening hours
Monday–Saturday: 10.00- 22.00
Sunday: 12.00 – 20.00

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