The 3 unique escape games that we conduct in a time-bound, controlled environment. Every escape room has a sophisticated storyline and highly elaborate game interiors. 

The games that we conduct have all been carefully designed to be easy to understand but challenging to accomplish if you are working alone. As a result, team dynamics are improved and every member of your group will be able to contribute towards winning the game!

Nous avons trois thèmes à vous proposer pour information dans nos locaux à Luxembourg ville:

Idéale pour les team building:

  • Le bunker ( le but étant de sauver le Luxembourg en désactivant une arme nucléaire qui menace d’exploser) max 8 personne
  • Le Laboratoire (le but est de trouver une cure afin de survivre à un virus qui a infecté les participants) max 8 personne
  • La prison (le groupe est séparé en deux cellules, le but est de partager tout ce que les prisonniers trouvent, ce qu’ils peuvent voir afin de s’entraider pour s’échapper de la prison avant que le gardien ne revienne) max 8 personne​

Alcatraz Prison

You and you friend wake up one morning blindfolded and handcuffed locked in a prison cell convicted for a crime you did not do. The guards have left for their lunch break. Now is your only chance to escape. 

Start cracking codes, finding clues and find the only way to escape this frenetic hell. If you disobey the rules of society, they send you to prison; if you disobey the rules of the prison, they send you to Cell 7913. Your task is simple but hard. Solve the tasks and get out with of the prison in 1 hour.

Do you and your friends have what it takes ?

For 2-8 persons.


A lab finding a cure for the deadly virus has been deserted why did this happen…

You and your team must enter the lab before a totally disaster breaks out and finish the job

– do you make it in time? All of you?

For 2-8 persons.

The Bunker vol. 2

A secret bunker has been discovered in Luxembourg City, what’s inside, why is it hidden, who build it and for what? Your task is simple. Solve the mystery in 1 hour. 

Do you and your friends have what it takes ?

For 2-8 persons.

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