Escape games are an excellent opportunity to develop and challenge your team in a motivational and highly engaging way. The theory behind escape games is “the flow” or “the zone” experience from positive psychology.

Escaping a room requires all the elements of good teamwork, keen observation, problem solving skills and proper communication in order to beat the clock. It is the perfect activity for corporate groups to come together, learn and to have fun. How can Escape games improve the company culture? Shared experience, bonding, trials, successes is the glue between people, if you enhance this, the bond will grow stronger and people will remember the challenges they solved together.

How can you improve your leadership skills with Escape games? Being a leader or a part of the management group you have a great set of skills (IQ) but where most leaders fail is the lack of people skills (EQ) Do leaders always know how to solve motivational issues? Do they know their teams strengths? This will help get the team to work together with participating management to help learn and grow.

Using Escape game for the recruitment? It is a great tool to add to the recruitment process – to evaluate candidates’ performance under pressure and within the team. We assist with personal assessments and profiles for individuals and teams. Copyright.

How do we do teambuilding?

  1. option: We have our location Rue du Saint Esprit in central Luxembourg with the possibility of up to 24 people at a time where you can use our rooms.
  2. option: We have the possibility to offer our unique transportable/mobile escape game. Here we can host groups of up to 50 at a time at the place of your choice (a big meeting room or hotel conference room.)
  3. option: We also have the possibility to host the mobile escape game at our location at rue saint Esprit.​​

What is a mobile escape game?

​It is Mobile Escape Game brought to you. Different teams have only a predetermined amount of time to crack a special code, which stops the countdown. We have professional consultants facilitating the event. You will choose the venue. We will need to know how many people are attending. Transportation and upstart fee is not included and should be considered. Book minimum 2 weeks before the event. Remember to read our cancellation policy, house-rules/terms and conditions.


Want to know more – please contact certified executive coach, Jens Christian Haugaard, e-mail or call 691 835 373.

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